Polymer Clay Modeling Kit DIY Oven Bake Clay with Sculpting Tools


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Bullet Points:
1、High-quality Materials: The clay block is environmentally friendly and has undergone rigorous testing standards to ensure its perfect quality. It is safe for children and conducive to children's imagination, creativity and intellectual development.
2、Simple Operation: Very suitable for beginners who like DIY. Easy to bend and stretch, but will not stick to children's clothes or carpets. Make your children happy without burdening housework. After the work is finished, you can put it in an oven at temperature of 135°C/275°F (the time is measured according to the size of the work).
3、Applicable People: Suitable for beginners and children to make small accessories, model animals, characters, etc. Useful for children's imagination, creativity and intellectual development.
4、Item Size: Each piece of clay is about 20g, size about 6*3*1cm, including 24 colors, 32 colors, 42 colors, 50 colors(optional). Each set is individually packaged and does not mix. The texture of polymer clay is better than that of air-dried clay, the color is brighter and more shiny. It also provides 5 kinds of carving tools, English tutorials and rich jewelry making accessories as gifts. All are placed in a storage box for easy storage and carrying.
5、Stimulate Children's Potential: Highly recommended by experts in child growth psychology! Studies have shown that polymer clay helps develop children's thinking awareness and muscle movement coordination. Hand-made, stimulate children's observation, creativity and imagination, also enhance relationship between parents and children.
1. The soft clay has strong plasticity, soft feel and easy to operate, rich in color and bright in color.
2. Cultivate children’s ideology and muscle movement coordination ability and improve children’s concentration.

Material: soft clay
Weight: about 20g per piece of clay
Packing List:
Soft Clay 24 Colors + Accessories
Or Soft Clay 32 Colors + Accessories
Or Soft Clay 42 Colors + Accessories
Or Soft Clay 50 Colors + Accessories
1. Baking should be done by adults. After baking and natural cooling, carefully remove from the oven.
2. When you use the oven to bake it to harden it, remove the clay after it has completely cooled. 3. If it still feels soft, bake for a few more minutes. Too high temperature or too long may scorch or crack the clay.
3. If you are a beginner, you can choose to bake 2-3 times. Bake for 3-5 minutes at a time, observe the baking details and decide whether to bake again.
4. Recommended for children over 3 years old because it has small parts.




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