Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a relatively recent craft trend that has gained popularity in the past few years.  It’s a combination of cross-stitch and paint-by-number.  However, instead of thread or paint, you create images using colorful resin diamonds, known as drills.  The origins can be traced back to China in the early 2000’s, where it was known as 5D diamond painting or diamond embroidery.

Initially, diamond painting kits were sold with pre-printed canvases, adhesives and tiny plastic diamonds in various colors.  Crafters would use a stylus to pick up the diamonds and place them on the corresponding color-coded square on canvass.  The end result was a sparkling gem-like image that was both beautiful and satisfying to create.  Over time, diamond painting has evolved and become more sophisticated.  Today, there are numerous variations of the craft, such as partial drill, full drill, round drill and square drill.  The terms refer to the shape of the diamonds and whether the entire canvas is covered or only part of it.

Unlike cross-stitching, diamond painting is not very difficult or tedious to do.  Unlike embroidery, diamond painting requires less effort and time, and the result is brilliant.

It is much like coloring books and puzzles.  Diamond art is a wonderful way to reduce stress and anxiety.  A type of Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy (MBAT), it can be considered art therapy and helps you meditate.  By creating a quiet and peaceful environment, it can take away sadness, worry, and even reduce anger.  For kids, diamond painting provides an opportunity to learn colors, shapes, and match colors to symbols.  By working with the small diamonds, they can improve their dexterity and focus.  Diamond art’s universal appeal means that it’s great for working with autistic and neurodiverse kids as well.

There are many kits out there with all the supplies you need.   The kits include the pre-printed canvas, set of diamonds, toolkit, wax pad, and tweezers.  There are kits that run from beginning to more advanced designs.

There are two different shaped diamonds: square and round.  When choosing the shape of diamonds, there is no right or wrong.  Each has its benefits.  Square shaped diamonds create a fuller, more complete looking painting.  They line up more easily and create a fuller, mosaic look when enjoyed from a distance.  The more diamonds you place, the cleaner the rows become.  They make a snapping sound as they settle snugly into place.



Round (DRILL) diamonds require less exact placement than the square to cover the entire square on the canvas.  Therefore, applying them is a bit faster.  A drawback is that the finished painting feels less complete. since the round shape leaves gaps between diamonds, which is more apparent close up.


In conclusion, diamond painting is a unique and captivating art form that has quickly gained popularity around the world.  Its evolution over the years has resulted in a variety of techniques and designs, making it a versatile and engaging hobby for people of all ages; along with the therapeutic benefits which make it an excellent activity for anyone.

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